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We all have a story to tell! It’s those stories that help shape our lives and make us the people we are today.

I love sharing my stories on Motherhood, Relationships, Women Empowerment and Healthy Living and being able to help other women from making the same mistakes I made.

My goal with every speaking event I host or attend is to inspire and motivate the audience to live their best life. It is all done authentically through the power of story sharing. What better way to inspire an audience than to share the stories that helped build the person they are looking at today. It leaves other women motivated and determined to make changes.

Check out my upcoming speaking engagements that range from intimate settings to conferences.


THANK YOU to everyone that has supported the Luwamé Life Planners! It means the world to me and I pray it has impacted your life the same way it's done for me. I would love to hear from you on your experience.

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All Month

Join 3 trainers who are on a mission to help women everywhere get FIT regardless of age and different level of fitness.

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Out of Office

Hitting the Pause Button on all things Luwamé Related!

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