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Luwamé The Blog

I started blogging in 2016 after Novena was born as a way to share my personal stories with my girlfriends that were also having children and kept calling me for advice. What started as a google doc meant to help friends and family ended up being the birth of a movement that is forever evolving. You’ll find stories on motherhood, relationship, healthy living, woman empowerment and of course all kinds of fun stuff in my series section from micro-blading to how living in my 30s has shaped me.  You’ll get to see all the battles I face daily and most of it will have you shaking your head in agreement, while laughing at all the silly mishaps. 

8 Exercises To Build Your Strongest Upper Body

How many of us want to wave at our friends and family but don’t because of that annoying fat we have underneath our arms? Ok that’s a little extreme lol but how about we won’t wear that cute tank top we bought 2 summers ago,...
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Life And Love Advice

Ladies, it’s Women’s History Month! A month dedicated to US! So, woman to woman, I want to share some great life and love advice that has helped me throughout the years. Now I’m no expert at love, in fact I have been known to make...
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Raising Strong Women

Here is to all the STRONG WOMEN May we KNOW them May we BE them May we RAISE them As a mother of three children, I strive to be a great example to each of my kids- Bella, Lorenzo, and Novena. Both Bini and I...
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Show Them You Love Them By

This month has been dedicated to LOVING YOU FIRST, and you've done the work! You are now on a mission to bettering your life so that in return, you can be the best version of yourself for your family. What will this new version of...
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